How to add a new legal case?
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Go to Litigations -> Legal cases.


Click the Add button and fill out the following information:

  • Legal case number (Required) - the unique legal case number as displayed on Depending on this, the court hearings and solutions can be automatically retrieved from the portal;

  • Stage type 

  • Legal case status

  • County - select the county in which the legal case is judged

  • Court - is selected from the list of available courts in the selected county in the previous step;

  • Opened on - the opening date of the legal case

  • Closed on - the closing date of the legal case

  • Name (Required) - the object of the legal case used for its easy identification at the time of adding the timesheet;

  • Customer (Required) - the customer for which the legal case is added

  • Fiscal entity 

  • Other parts - the name of the other parts

  • Responsible (Required) - complete with the lawyer who actually goes to court. When synchronizing with the portal, the person in the legal case will automatically be responsible for all court hearings retrieved from the portal;

  • Internal reference - an internal reference number 

  • Comments - comments on the legal case




Adding the legal case this way is possible only if the customer and the project are already available in the system.

After saving, two new sections appear at the bottom of the page:

  • Project 

  • Reference

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