1. Go to Configurations > My Company. Here you can change your company data by clicking the Edit button in every section.

  2.  In the Details section you can see and edit your company:

  • General Information - Name, Status

  • Billing & Projects configurations - Invoice template, 

  • Timesheet details - Edit my company calendar

  • Dashboard settings - Show notifications on the dashboard

  • Exchange rate - Automatically synchronizes currency exchange rates 

  • Security - Password complexity

  • and Other - Default language, Daily worked hours target, etc

   3. Your Fiscal Entity - is the company whose fiscal data appears on the invoice: name, fiscal id,  tax id, address and bank account. You can have multiple fiscal entities. Go to Configurations > My Company > Fiscal Entities, click Add button, fill in the required data and click Save. Choose the default fiscal entity by checking the Default box.
Click the Edit button next to your fiscal entity to change your company data, documents number configurations or set up the invoice.

   4. Bank Accounts - Here you can add a new bank account for your fiscal entity or you cand Edit an existing one. To choose a default bank account, check the Default box.

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