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Synchronizing your phone calendar with KeyVision
Synchronizing your phone calendar with KeyVision

How to get the same calendar from KeyVision to your phone

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You can easily add a subscription to the KeyVision calendar using the steps below. The flow depends on the phone type & operating system - iOS or Android.

For iOS Users

If you have an iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:

1. Open keyvision on your phone

Using you phone, go to and login using your account details.

Go to Calendar and click the Sync button. A window will pop-up with a link. Click the Outlook link.

A message will popup on you phone asking you whether to save the new calendar or not. Select Yes.

3. Use your new calendar

The calendar called KeyVision is now available and will be synchronized periodically. Be aware that this is a one way synchronization only, from KeyVision to your phone.

For iOS Users / alternative option

Follow step 1 presented above and copy the link.

Open the iPhone, go to Settings / Mail, Contacts, calendars / Add Account / Other / Add subscribe calendar and paste the link.

For Android users

Follow step 1 described above.
Go to your Google Calendar and select Other calendars / Add by URL, then paste the link.

That's it! Happy lawyering :)

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